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Ship out as usual, Courier delay

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Dear Fam,

We would like to inform that the whole world is now experiencing courier delay as there are 90% lesser commercial flight due to COVID 19 pandemic. Shipping time are expected to delay by 30 – 70% depending on each country.

Besides that, the cost of shipping for free shipping & express were also increased by 2x since April 2020. While we did to cover the extra shipping cost for the previous order up til now. It’s uncertain if the shipping cost increase further, we might need to reflect the extra shipping cost on product price in near future.

However, as for our part on order processing, we will ship out as usual without delay & virus free. We urge everyone to be patient as you wait your order, no urgent order will be accepted for this period.

Sincerely wishes,

Rebecca Wong

RepFashions Team

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