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How to spot a low level fake supreme vs high quality replica supreme?

Have you wondered what’s the difference between those aliexpress, dhgate, hype unique fakes compare to UA / High quality Replica?

Today, we will be using our Supreme TNF S logo himalayan parka as an example for comparison. This article will outline in-depth detail on how to spot true high-quality replica supreme vs low level “fake 1:1 UA” supreme.

Zip puller difference between RepFashions High Quality & Low level “fake 1:1”

1. Zip Puller
On the photo above, we can see that high-quality is using short zip puller and low-level fake is using the long zip puller for the front pocket. You might not know that authentic supreme the north face parka actually comes with 3 type of the pullers. Each of these puller head will be used in different areas. Example: chest pocket, inner pocket, pouch pocket those are using the small un-hole puller. While, hood drawstring is using small puller with two-hole, and parka’s front centre zip puller will need long head “Y” design puller.

Therefore, if you had seen any supreme himalayan parka which only use 1 same type of zip puller, it’s an obvious low-level fake “1:1”, fake “UA”.

D Ring Plastic Buckle Shape Compare on RepFashions High Quality Replica vs Low level “fake UA”

2. D Ring Plastic Buckle
Lucky for us, we manage to purchase an authentic supreme himalayan parka at the retail price. The D ring plastic buckle that it has, are exactly like the left photo with a bit curve and smooth at the edge, and also custom ID at bottom.

Low quality fake will only use the normal D ring that we can bought from any Guang Zhou accessories market. If you look at photo on the right >, the edges and shape is just too off, not to mention it’s blank without a the north face custom ID at the bottom.

Embossed Plastic Buckle being used on High Quality Replica & Authentic.

3. Plastic Buckle / Snaps
Our high-quality replica plastic buckle is fully customized by following the authentic buckle. The female buckle is made with whole plastic to increase sturdiness. It is not a separated pcs being combine like the low-level fake 1:1 UA.

Meanwhile, if we look at the strap area of high-quality female strap, it’s using the tri-glide buckle design as authentic, but the low-level fake is just a normal glide buckle which is cheap.

Two Holes Spring Cord Stopper on True High Quality Replica

4. Hole Spring Cord Stopper
Our high-quality replica product is using the authentic hole spring cord stopper, which you can see in the figure above the authentic sping cord stopper is using two-hole with the flat cord logo print at the bottom.

On the other hand, the low-level fake 1:1 only have a single-hole spring cord. Not to mention, their cord is a total different texture and a bit skinny. However, if you have good eyesight. Then, you are able to see the bottom side holes are actually empty without hanging any cord. They simply print summit series logo in the middle on the plastic. Sight.

Summit Series Logo Embroidery Stitch are much cleaner compare to low level “fake UA”

5. Embroidery Stitch
Another easy-to-spot difference for the first look is the embroidery logo. First, speaking from the high-quality product, the true high-quality embroidery logo is stitching smooth and didn’t have any extra or over embroidery at the side area.

On the other hand, the low-level fake 1:1 UA seems like they have a bad stitch machine because their embroidery logo is stitching all the way out of the edge area and their embroidery logo surface all not going well.

Comparison of TNF Logo Embroidery Stitch & Fabric color

6. Fabric Color and Material
Our high-quality product color is true black as authentic Supreme TNF S Logo Himalayan parka. At the same time, we had fully customized the material which reaching 99% exactly as authentic material quality, which means comfier, softener, and smooth on touch.

Now speaking for the low-level fake 1:1 UA replica, the color is looking slightly blue rather than black and the material quality feels abit of rough.

Full & firm down fill on RepFashions High Quality

7. Down Fill
The parka main soul is down-filled. A high rate of down fills is very important, because it can give you comfy and keep you warm from inside. As you see from the above figure 8, the high-quality product when the hand pressing down the cloth is full of down fill. But on the other side, we do the same pressing down for the low-level fake 1:1 UA replica product, it feels nothing and flat.

Notice – While you received the parka or any cloth are contains with a down-filled, the first thing you must do when you unpack your item, is taking it off from the plastic bag and swing it up and down. Because duing shipping, your item may squeezed by other packages most of the time. So that, this caused the down-fill become flat. But after you swing and put it more air inside it will expand back like normal.

Authentic Accessories
Due to covid 19, most of the authentic accessories weren’t attainable as factory are getting more strict on controlling their item. We had to custom made more than 11 accessories just for this parka itself. Most of the new accessories mold, multiple revisions, authentic material had cost us at least $100k, so you know why RepFashions high quality replica aren’t cheap.

Water resistance anti-crack material.
High Quality 90 White Duck Down Filled
Molding used to customise Plastic Buckle / Snaps
RepFashions Customized Plastic Buckle / Snaps for TNF Parka
Molding 1 used on customised Two Hole Zip Puller
Molding 2 use to produce these Small Puller
Molding 3 for Long Y Puller Tab
Authentic Material Black Drawstring
Authentic Material Red Drawstring
Authentic Two Holes Spring Cord Stopper
Authentic YKK Zip

In summary, low level fakes are not meant to focus on detail of the goods. Most of it are made base on official photo, and simply combine everything they can get on the market to sell it to those first batch HYPE person.

While high quality replica tend to focus from A-Z to provide high attention detail. Everything from making embroidery’s shape or thread, customizing accessories, logo’s color or size, material’s color chart has to be at least 95% accurate. That’s what makes them expensive than those low level fakes, but you get what you pay for.

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