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Payment Methods
We can only support these payment methods as a Quality Rep Store.

How to pay?

  1. Place order from our site > Select “Email Payment – Bank Transfer/Partner Site” on checkout.
  2. Check your Email / Junk Mail and look for “Payment Order for [Order Number]”.
  3. Reply to that email to get your payment info.
  4. Follow the steps on here to pay online or pay at your Online Banking, Transferwise.com, Western union

Local Bank Transfer

Payment process: 0 – 2 business days. Low Fees.

Supported countries: United Kingdom, Europe, Australia.

  1. Go to your online banking website.
  2. Enter the banking info as provided from your email.
  3. Return the screenshot of your receipt & full name to us.
  4. Done.

Partnered Site

Payment process: 0-2 business days.

Only valid for trusted customer

Pay online with your credit or debit card by visiting our partner’s link which will be provided on email. The process is very simple, hassle free and completely secure.

Paypal Discontinue

Learn more on Why are we not allow to use Paypal?

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