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RepFashions.to is now RepFashions.co

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REPFASHIONS.TO officially moving to .co
There’s been a years or two since we last moved our site to keep providing high quality replica to our beloved customers around the world. We are now permanently moving to RepFashions.co , the old domain RepFashions .to /.com will not be working¬†starting from SEP 2020. Any orders that you purchased from RepFashions.to before the date will continue the process on RepFashions.co as usual, without hiccups.
Besides, you might need to tell some of your friends that we have moved to RepFashions.co too, avoid them from being scam by other sites such as “fashionsrep.com, repfashion.to” that sell extreme low quality fakes that claim to be us.

As a reward on continuous support, we are providing $5 promo for any new customers. Existing customer will be getting their additional promo through their email by 30 June 2020.


Rebecca Wong

RepFashions Team

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